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what virtues must have people today to make earth a better place to live in.

Because the definition of what virtue is so broad, we can say that virtue can be a stable quality of the human being, whether of the natural order or acquired at any moment of life. We can say and according to advanced studies on this subject that there are intellectual virtues directly linked to the original intelligence of people, is born with that aspect. On the other hand there are virtues of the moral order acquired and that can also originate with everything that represents good in all social and family events. Because this word is central in the daily life of the world there are many authors and writers who can classify the virtues in different ways but this time I focus on different types of virtues that exist: First: virtue of acceptance that means that the human being it must be accepted as such, this being one of the most important keys to social welfare with a positive effect on self-esteem and self-efficacy. On the other hand, this attitude of acceptance helps us to face …

my myth the city of ghosts

In the year 1970 in bucaramanga there was a series of appearances of characters that caused fear in different times of the year, people say that in holy week a nun without a head appeared after 12 o clock and that scared all the people who got to the cults very much. In the months of november and december and raining times at midnight a women appeared in a got that when people see her she will turn into a eagle and she will attack all the animals or people that were in that place. In the main park of the city at night when there was no light a single leg will appeared running side by side scaring all the people that passed by there. people say that in the main street of the city a ghost car will appeared running along the road , some people say that when they see this car the only thing they see inside of it is fire.

my neighborhood/barranquilla

The city of Barranquilla was founded by a group of cattle grazing farmers from the township of Galapa, who by advancing working days managed to settle on the banks of the river Magadalena. Throughout the times the city was growing and developing economic activities taking advantage of the fluvial taking over as the first port on the Magdalena River. Barranquilla was born in Colombia, the use of National Post, grew the first air routes in Latin America with the creation of the first Aviation Company as was Scacta Now Avianca. This CosteƱo territory has maintained since its creation the flag of tourism, commerce, education and the business factor that is the first line within the economy at the departmental and national levels. For all these characteristics, the National government erected it as a maritime and cultural district. . reaching progress

Advanced occupying the fifth place as a city in the National concert.
Barranquilla has its own identity since the World concert for its won…

My life essay

On the morning of December 17, 2001, at 10:45 am, Andrea Hinestroza Duarte, daughter of Lorenzo and Carmela Estella, who lived in the city of Barranquilla at that time. This birth was a great expectation for my family and infinitely delight the hearts of those closest to me and neighbors of my parents and grandparents. This event occurred two years after the marriage of my parents who were married for civil rites and against the family's will because they were blood brothers cousins, a very controversial situation but with my birth everything changed and all those prejudices were forgotten.
From my first year of life, my mother must have traveled to the USA to watch over the fate of my two brothers, Elias and Isaac, and most of the time until my first four years I was raised by my father Lorenzo and my grandmothers Ramona and Celia until I started my educational period in a Bilingual School very close to my house in the Altos de Riomar neighborhood called Jhon Dewey where I receiv…

the economic, social and political situation in Ecuador, Chile and Brazil.

Economic and social political situation in Ecuador, Chile and Brazil.


Because Latin America is a very diverse region, in terms of the political and socio-economic, the countries of Ecuador, Chile and Brazil enter into this analysis and we see a generalized instability due to the use and change of approach of their monetary policies. , which they have always generated. Through historical epochs continuous social and economic problems. However, Brazil is ranked first in Latin America by purchasing power parity, Chile is the first place in more developed economies in terms of GDP and Ecuador on the rise because of its exchange and monetary system. The incorporation of these countries into economic integration processes, have sustained Good measures in the financial, industrial and socioeconomic sectors of Latin America.


Important points of Ecuador in its social aspect. It is one of the most interventionist countries or where the generation of wealth is very co…